What Are The Equipment Necessary For Ghost Hunting ?

Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Investigator has been around since 1930 but it was popularized by the Ameican Ghost Hunter series like Most Haunted and Ghost Hunters that was popularized in the 2000s.  Since then people have fascinated by the idea of ghost hunting with people trying to investigate haunted places and location so that can experience paranormal activities. Basically, ghosting hunting is done to prove the existence of spirits from a different realm. In this article, we will explain all the equipment that is required for ghost hunting. So that next when you shop it will be convenient to obtain it easily.

Camera Recorders

Camera Recorders will help you to capture images and videos to prove the existence of paranormal activities. The documentation will be done only by camera recorders or cam records. However, there are various kinds of cameras that are available in the market today each serving its own purpose. The cameras that are available today and suggested fro paranormal investigation cameras are Full Spectrum Cameras and Infrared Cameras.

EMF  Meters

EMF or Electro-Magnetic Fields Meters are used to detect fluctuations in energy fields. The fluctuations are results of home appliances, power lines, and weather.  It is believed in actual practice that when we come in contact with spirits they try to reach us out via signs or want to manifest in physical form. The EMF can detect minute changes in the energy field that is impossible to see with our naked eyes. So it is important to choose the either Single Axis or Trifield Meters


Audio Recorders

The equipment that is required right next to video recorders is audio Recorders devices because it will help you greatly to document your investigation. As audio recorders are easier to carry it can be used anywhere and can aid during the investigation. Today’s audio recorders are designed in such a way that they can capture sounds with low frequency and generally are known as Electronic Voice Processing or EVP. There are different kinds of audio recorders available in the market today. Such as Tape Recorders, Digital Recorders.

Motion Detectors

Motion Detectors are designed to sense the movement of any particular device.   It can detect any kind of motions within a particular range and especially it is installed in cars and vehicles to warn if there is any obstacle ahead. There are two types of motion sensors that you can consider in your ghost hunting ventures like Geophone Motion Sensors and Mel Meter Vibe.

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