What Are The Equipment Necessary For Ghost Hunting ?

September 19, 2019

Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Investigator has been around since 1930 but it was popularized by the Ameican Ghost Hunter series like Most Haunted and Ghost Hunters that was popularized in the 2000s.  Since then people have fascinated by the idea of ghost hunting with people trying to investigate haunted places and location so that can […]

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Top 10 Paranormal Blogs and Websites To Follow in 2019

April 11, 2019

1. Phantoms and Monsters – Pulse of the Paranormal Hanover, PAAbout Blog A daily dose of paranormal activity, cryptids, UFOs, unexplained phenomena, alien beings, eyewitness encounters and the best alternative news Frequency about 11 posts per week. Blog 2. The Anomalist – News on UFOs, Bigfoot, the Paranormal, and Other Mysteries The Super-Sargasso SeaAbout Blog The Anomalist is a daily […]

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Brilliant Scientists Are Open-Minded about Paranormal Stuff, So Why Not You?

March 5, 2019

In last week’s post on the Turing Test, I mentioned a fact I stumbled on in the Alan Turing exhibit at the Science Museum in London. The pioneering computer theorist was a believer in telepathy, or mind-reading. (Turing was apparently impressed by the card-guessing experiments of J.B. Rhine.) Then, last weekend, I learned that a prominent scientist […]

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February 21, 2019

The movie “Paranormal Activity” has not only drawn crowds to theaters around the world, but it has also brought up the question, “Is paranormal activity real? Does it really happen? How does one deal with it? So here’s what you need to know about the paranormal. First, a definition – what does the word ‘paranormal’ mean? Paranormal […]

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